Wafa Faisal AL Yamani - M.Sc. 2012

Thesis Title: Site Selection for Cultivation of the Bioenergy Crop, Salicornia bigelovii in Abu Dhabi Emirate Using GIS: Land Suitability and Assessment​

Current Status: Assistant Scientist in Soil Quality Section/ Environmental Monitoring and Analysis Department at Environmental Agency of Abu Dhabi (EAD): ​


Wan Abdul Matiin - M.Sc. 2012

Thesis Title: The role of exopolymeric substances (EPS) in dolomite biomineralization by microbial isolates from Abu Dhabi’s coastal sabkhas (co-supervised with Dr. Farrukh Ahmad)

Current Status: LEED Green Assicoate in Malysia.


Sumaya Al Hosani - M.Sc. 2014

Thesis Title: Physiology and transcriptome of a salt acclimated cyanobacterium- Prochlorococcus strain AS9601

Current Status: PhD student at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology


Nahid Khalia - M.Sc. 2014

Thesis Title: Effect of Biochar application rate on physiochemical and biological properties of a sandy soil

Current Status: unknown


Celia Lopez - M.Sc. 2014

Thesis Title: Isolation and Screening of Halotolerant Fungi for Cellulase Activity from Mangrove Sediments of the Arabian Gulf

Current Status: Researcher at The International Renewable Energy Agency 


Naeema Al Nofeli - M.Sc. 2014

Thesis Title: Characterization of palm tree and rhodes grass slow pyrolysis biochars

Current Status: Health and Safety officer at New York University Abu Dhabi


Areej Al-Sheikh, research engineer / lab manager (2012-2014)

Current Status: PhD student University of Queensland, Australia


Eiman Altenaiji - lab technician / intern (2012-2014)

Current Status: Laboratory Technician at Chemical/Biological centralized lab, Masdar Institute Abu Dhabi













Lutfiye Ozer- research engineer / lab manager (2014-2016)

Current Status: Researcher at Masdar insitute in photonics group


Fatima Al-Marzouqi, M.Sc. 2016

Thesis title: Characterization of a biochar produced from the halophyte Salicornia bigelovii and its evaluation as a soil product for saline agriculture

Current Status: Unknown


Shahad Alnuaimi, M.Sc. 2016

Thesis title: Carbon substrate alters growth, protein production and β-glucosidase activity of a native Sarocladium spp. Isolated from mangrove sediments in Abu Dhabi

Current Status: Unknown


Microbiology Research Lab

Microbiology Research Lab